June 29, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman by Lily Blake

Snow White and the Huntsman
A breathtaking new vision of a legendary tale. Snow White is the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen who is out to destroy her. But what the wicked ruler never imagined is that the young woman threatening her reign has been training in the art of war with a huntsman who was dispatched to kill her.

My Thoughts/Review:

This book reads more like a fairytale than anything else. It's grim and foreboding, with insane twists and turns, and characters that show up out of nowhere. In my mind, that's what all the best fairytales are made of.

Although the characters are vague and shadowy, there are still moments when their true personalities show through the mold, and they become true characters. They become unshadowy, and it makes them very unique. All fairytale characters are vague and shadowy by nature, but these were only shadowy in certain parts of the book.

It was very odd, because generally, I can't stand characters that are without personality, or characters that don't have any real reason to be alive. But, surprisingly, I liked these characters. Moving on.

Not surprisingly, I found this book to be enchanting in all it's weird fairy tale ways, and hope to read more like it in the future. I really dig the whole fairy tale retellings, and I hope they continue on for a long time, but I'm gonna have to get used to surprise endings, even though they just kill me.
Favorite Quote:
"She is life itself. She will heal the land. She is the one.

Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield

Amelia Anne is Dead and GoneAn arresting un-coming-of-age story, from a breathtaking talent.

Becca has always longed to break free from her small, backwater hometown. But the discovery of an unidentified dead girl on the side of a dirt road sends the town--and Becca--into a tailspin. Unable to make sense of the violence of the outside world creeping into her backyard, Becca finds herself retreating inward, paralyzed from moving forward for the first time in her life.

Short chapters detailing the last days of Amelia Anne Richardson's life are intercut with Becca's own summer as the parallel stories of two young women struggling with self-identity and relationships on the edge twist the reader closer and closer to the truth about Amelia's death.

My Thoughts/Review:

It was amazing. I loved it. The author has interweaved the lives of two completely different girls, with completely different stories into one. It was actually kind of haunting, to tell you the truth. I just couldn't barely put it down, because I was way too invested into the story itself. I can't really say the same for the characters, because there was only a couple that I was interested in knowing more about, but what's the harm in that? Absolutely none, because the one's that I wanted to know more about were the one's capitalized on! That was amazing.

I was completely drawn in by the concept of a girl that nobody knew being murdered, and nobody knowing who did it or why. Because coming from a town where everybody knows everything about everyone else, and there can't be a crime without everybody knowing who done it, that was very intriguing, and something I've never really read about before. Who wants to read about murder? (Okay. You caught me. I do.) But the author did it in such a beautiful way, that it's kind of easy to forget that it's a book about murder. (Not really, I just wanted to give you a reason to not be scared to read it). It is, however, very easy to get so caught up in this book that you forget what time it is. (Guilty.)

It was so dark and twisted that it just made me drool at all the talent that the author displayed. The intertwining of characters, the complete disregard for what is 'acceptable' in YA literature, for not being afraid to put sex and cussing in a YA book. It was just too beautiful. Because of the story, and the characters, and the completely surprising ending, yeah. I loved it. And now that you've listened to me rave and ramble for a bit, I love you guys for enduring! Read it. I have jedi mind powers. Read. It. Maybe I don't. Read it anyway! :)

A thousand epic quotes were within this novel, but it won't be released until.........

July 5, 2012

June 27, 2012

Incarnate(Newsoul #1) by Jodi Meadows

Incarnate (Newsoul, #1)

Ana is new. For thousands of years in Range, a million souls have been reincarnated over and over, keeping their memories and experiences from previous lifetimes. When Ana was born, another soul vanished, and no one knows why.

Even Ana's own mother thinks she's a nosoul, an omen of worse things to come, and has kept her away from society. To escape her seclusion and learn whether she'll be reincarnated, Ana travels to the city of Heart, but its citizens are afraid of what her presence means. When dragons and sylph attack the city, is Ana to blame?

Sam believes Ana's new soul is good and worthwhile. When he stands up for her, their relationship blooms. But can he love someone who may live only once, and will Ana's enemies—human and creature alike—let them be together? Ana needs to uncover the mistake that gave her someone else's life, but will her quest threaten the peace of Heart and destroy the promise of reincarnation for all?

My Thoughts/Review:

I liked this book, but there were a few things about it that drove me insane. For one, I disliked the way that Ana's mother Li behaved. She was an awful excuse for a human being, and every little thing she did made me want to hurt her. She made Ana believe that she was a 'Nosoul' and that she would never have feelings, love, or possessions.

She made her believe that she was an empty shell, instead of a 'Newsoul', which is what she actually was. Of course she had a soul. Who doesn't?

I did actually like Ana, because she was willing to go out on her own, and make her own way, to get out of a bad situation. No matter what went wrong, she went out of her way to keep on trudging along the right way. She didn't want to quit, so she kept right on going until it was safe to end.

I also really liked Sam, because of his never ending quest to keep Ana safe, and to never let her be without hope. He was good like that, and with a little bit of romance thrown into this story, it was very cute. The entire premise was a very good idea, but in the end, the book fell a little flat for me. I liked it, but only once did I see a bit of amazing writing in the entire book, and that just killed it for me.

It was imaginative and inventive, but the story wasn't thought out very far beforehand, and it made the book just a teeny bit abrupt and confusing.

Favorite Quote:
Yep, I read an ARC, and I can't quote it. Sorry.

June 23, 2012

In My Mailbox #14

In my Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kirsti, over at the Story Siren.
So, this week, I only got two books,  and they both came today.
Xor: The Shape of DarknessUnbreakable Love
Xor: The Shape of Darkness was provided by the author for review.
I won Unbreakable Love from Amanda at Born Bookish.
So, what did you guys get? Leave me a link!

June 22, 2012

The Liebster Blog Award (Again!)

Ok guys, I've recieved the Leibster blog award, for the second time this week. I am overjoyed! People read my blog! I get to make new nominations! Last time I didn't think it through enough, and missed some people. :( Sorry guys! Getting on with the award.....

Liebster award
Yes! It's pretty! I was nominated by the lovely Cierra at The Book Lover's Report. She was awesomely sweet in nominating me, and I thank her!
The Rules:
1. Each person/blogger tells eleven facts about themselves/ answers the questions the other blogger posted (you'll see what I mean in a minute).
2. Answer the eleven questions the tagger (blogger who nominated me) has posted, and then give eleven questions for the people you tagged.
3. Choose eleven people to tag and link to them in the post 
4. Alert them to your tagging.
5. No tag backs.
6. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

The Facts:
  1. Yep, I'm fifteen! I can't believe I just told you that!
  2. I have a younger sister, and two half brothers that I've never met.
  3. I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, 4 rabbits, 3 horses, and I think that's it....
  4. My pickup truck is a '79 Chevy Silverado.
  5. I have a jeep too!
  6. I hate to do the dishes....
  7. I work in a convenience store, and I can't imagine working anywhere else.
  8. I like bagels with cream cheese and bacon on them. Yum! :)
  9. I obsessively check my blog stats and email.
  10. Divergent is the only book I've read on this blog that has a 5 star rating.
  11. I have a southern accent so thick, your lucky you can't hear it through this typing.

Anybody else that wants to join!
The Questions from Cierra:
1. How long have you been blogging?
Umm.....About 5 months. I started on January 26th, so I was really discouraged with this for a while. I had three followers forever.

2. Where are you from?

3. Do you have any ARCs or Galleys right now? What are they?
Well, if I'm counting ones that I've already read, and ones that I have arcs and review copies of ones that are already out....Yes. I have some arcs, galleys, and review copies.
*Counting Backwards by Laura Lascarso
*Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield
*Incarnate by Jodie Meadows (Yes, I won an arc from an established blogger.) :)

Review Copies--
*Darwin's Children by Natasha Larry
*Unnatural Law, Book 2 of Darwin's Children by Natasha Larry

Galley's (from Netgalley)--
*Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill
*The Opposite of Hallelujah by Anna Jarzab
*Scars by Cheryl Rainfield
*Saving June by Hannah Haarington
*Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Yep, I'm done. :)

4. Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world?
Maine...or Greece. They just have so much history...and I really want to go to either of them. Or both. Or France. :)

5. What made you want to blog about books?
I just followed all the signs straight to here. I really sucked in the beginning, but now I'm getting better. And I was super jealous of all the book bloggers bookshelves....Yes. I covet books. :)

6. What's your favorite book quote?
“Because, if you could love someone, and keep loving them, without being loved back . . . then that love had to be real. It hurt too much to be anything else.”

7. What's your favorite color?

8. If you could talk to anybody (no matter if they're dead or alive), who would it be and why?
Hmm...Sarah Cross. I just quoted her lovely book, and I want to know if Bluebeard was always her favorite fairytale too....

9. What's your favorite food?
Steak! I'm a red meat kind of gal....

10. What's your favorite book?
Ok. This question is N/A.

11. How many books are you currently reading and what are they?
The First Days by Rhiannon Frater, Darwin's Children by Natasha Larry, and Incarnate by Jodie Meadows.
Now, for my nominations questions! (Yea, there just the same as before....):
1) Do you plan your posts in advance, or write them as they come to you?
2) Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter?
3) Do you think that very many people read your posts?
4) Are you a straight up book blogger, or do you blog about your life too?
5) Are you excited to recieve this award?
6) What is your favorite book ever?
7) Which character do you wish you could be, from which book?
8) New York High rise apartment, or little farm in the middle of nowhere?
9) What is your dream car?
10) What is your favorite book cover?
11) How long have you been blogging?

So, go forth and answer these questions! I expect you to! :)

June 20, 2012

Twitter Feed

Hi Guys! This is just to see if my Twitter feed is working, so don't mind me. :)

Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg

Prom and Prejudice
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single girl of high standing at Longbourn Academy must be in want of a prom date.
After winter break, the girls at the very prestigious Longbourn Academy become obsessed with the prom. Lizzie Bennet, who attends Longbourn on a scholarship, isn't interested in designer dresses and expensive shoes, but her best friend, Jane, might be - especially now that Charles Bingley is back from a semester in London.

Lizzie is happy about her friend's burgeoning romance but less than impressed by Charles's friend, Will Darcy, who's snobby and pretentious. Darcy doesn't seem to like Lizzie either, but she assumes it's because her family doesn't have money. Clearly, Will Darcy is a pompous jerk - so why does Lizzie find herself drawn to him anyway?

My Thoughts/Review:

What to say on this book....I'm pretty sure it's the only re-writing of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' out there that doesn't involve a whole bunch of completely ridiculous outcomes and, well, you know, time travel. Yes, I have read a re-write with time travel in it. Thankfully, this wasn't it.

I really enjoyed this book, even though it never strayed from the original story at all. It was the original story, complete with cell phones and prom dresses. Every little bit of Pride and Prejudice was modified. It now takes place in the 2000's, features a scholarship girl, and, of course, Will Darcy. No re-telling is complete without Will Darcy.

Well, to be honest, the stilted, 'flowery' language was actually kind of annoying. No girl says, 'I detest him', in a serious way. In a joking way, sure. I'm sure that I've done that once or twice. But not seriously. And she does it seriously. Moving on.

I felt that a few loose ends could have been tied up better, and that some of the scenes where Darcy was ignoring Lizzie were a bit over-done. Bam! Suddenly Darcy is ignoring Lizzie, of Lizzie is ignoring Darcy. It never ends! I just wish it worked out easier, ya know?

So, all in all, I really did enjoy this book, but I would only recommend it if you enjoy Jane Austen re-tellings. I, for one, do enjoy them. A lot, actually.

Favorite Quote:
He was the same. They were all the same. I was the only one who was different.

Liebster Blog Award!

Hi guys, today I got gifted the Leibster blog award, by Auggie over at Auggie Talk. Apparently, is an award for blogs that are 'up and coming?' and under 200 followers. I definitely have under 200 followers, but I seriously doubt that I am 'up and coming.' To me, I'm standing right here. :)

The meaning of Liebster: German word for sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. 

All I can say is, I doubt any of you have met me in real life. :P

Here are the rules:
1. Each person chosen must provide 11 facts about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger who tagged you has given, then think of 11 questions for the people you tag.
3. Choose 11 people to receive the award and link them in your post
4. Be sure to tell these people that you've tagged them.
5. Remember, no tag backs (in other words: don't tag the person who tagged you.)

Ok, now that you've read the rules, we can move on to the question/fact part! I don't want to answer the facts part! But I have to! Ugghh....You don't need to hear these things....

Megan's 11 Facts.
1) I'm homeschooled.
2) I have a kitten named is 'Rei', in honor of a man that somehow decided to commit suicide last year.
3) I don't have as many books as you would think. Current number on my shelf/in my TBR: 92
4) I live smack dab in the middle of the country.
5) I have begun working on my pickup truck. In other words, it's torn apart, and I'm buying parts at the part store.
6) Again with the cereal. Oh how I love thee, cereal!
7) Ok! I have one! I read 'Romeo and Juliet' last year, and I hated it. Then I read 'Hamlet' and I liked it a lot.
8) I wear glasses. Yep, I ruined these eyes reading. But I'm gonna get contacts.
9) I am addicted to goodreads.
10) It's almost over! Yay! Fact: I can ride a horse. Yep, I just typed that sentence, and it's that easy. :)
11) Apparently, when I was five, I told my parents that we couldn't go to McDonalds, because they use unlicensed meat in their food. I may have been reading a little too much then....

Auggies Questions: Answered

1.) If you had the option to live in a book-store for a year, but wouldn't be able to leave the store to go into the outside world until the year was up... would you?
It depends...Is the book store being stocked regularly? Does it have internet? Is the book store a 'used book store' or a 'new book store'? Variables must go into this question, I'm afraid.

2.) Would you rather live in a Queen Anne mansion or a beach house by the sea?Beach house. So much prettier.

3.) What is your favorite instrument?I always dig cello in rock songs...but probably guitar or bass.

4.) What is your favorite season?Ahem. Summer.

5.) What is your current ring-tone?I don't have a ringtone.....I don't have a phone. XD

6.) Do you play video/computer games? Which is your favorite?Sometimes. Probably Mariokart is my favorite....or WII Tennis...

7.) Do you speak (or want to speak) another language? Which one?Dutch. I want to speak dutch. I'm belgian! :)

8.) What is the most you've spent on books at one time?$100. On the bright side, I got 11 books.

9.) Do you ever read children's books and count them as "Books I've Read"?If I'm very behind in the 'Goodreads' challenge, I have.

10.) What era do you think you belong in?Aha! The 14th century! :)

11.) Would you prefer to own a cat or a dog?
Oh....why so hard? This question is N/A.
My 11 Questions to you:
1) Do you plan your posts in advance, or write them as they come to you?
2) Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter?
3) Do you think that very many people read your posts?
4) Are you a straight up book blogger, or do you blog about your life too?
5) Are you excited to recieve this award?
6) What is your favorite book ever?
7) Which character do you wish you could be, from which book?
8) New York High rise apartment, or little farm in the middle of nowhere?
9) What is your dream car?
10) What is your favorite book cover?
11) How long have you been blogging?
Guys, I'm just gonna leave this all to chance. If you find yourself here, you were meant to find it.
Yep, I only tagged four of ya'll! Let see if you find it.....

June 19, 2012

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

Kill Me Softly
Mirabelle's past is shrouded in secrecy, from her parents' tragic deaths to her guardians' half-truths about why she can't return to her birthplace, Beau Rivage. Desperate to see the town, Mira runs away a week before her sixteenth birthday—and discovers a world she never could have imagined.

In Beau Rivage, nothing is what it seems—the strangely pale girl with a morbid interest in apples, the obnoxious playboy who's a beast to everyone he meets, and the chivalrous guy who has a thing for damsels in distress. Here, fairy tales come to life, curses are awakened, and ancient stories are played out again and again.

But fairy tales aren't pretty things, and they don't always end in happily ever after. Mira has a role to play, a fairy tale destiny to embrace or resist. As she struggles to take control of her fate, Mira is drawn into the lives of two brothers with fairy tale curses of their own . . . brothers who share a dark secret. And she'll find that love, just like fairy tales, can have sharp edges and hidden thorns.

My Thoughts/Review:

It was beautiful. It was imaginative, and full of betrayal and intrigue, and I loved every second of it. I couldn't put it down, for even one moment away from this book was torture. I loved how all the fairytales were inter-weaved, and it was particularly awesome how fairytales and endings are passed down. Didn't work right the first time? No matter, it will happen again. And again, over and over, no matter the last ending.

How do you think Snow White feels knowing that she's going to die, and which one of her friends will be charged with cutting out her heart? How do you think Beauty feels, knowing who her beast is, and that no matter how much she hates him, she will have to save him. How do you think they all feel? Their entire lives are mapped out for them, and the know how it ends.

It was very interesting to view all the fairytales in such a different way, because it always brought new twists and turns to the table. It also gave you a real sense of hopelessness, though. Some things should never be concrete.

I really liked the character of Mira, because she still thought that she could change her future, and that people can overcome their demons. Not everyone has that kind of faith in people, so it made her an especially memorable and amazing character. She never gave up hope that Blue and Felix could change, or that any one of the characters stories could be changed. And maybe they can. Maybe the future isn't concrete.

This book was bittersweet, sad, devastating, and through all that, it still managed to have a happy ending. It amazes me how one author could so drastically change all the original fairytales, yet make them still a thing of beauty, and something to be feared. It truly was dark and heartbreaking, and I loved every second of it.

Plus, I really loved Blue. :)

Favorite Quote:
I lost her. I destroyed her. But I never forgot her. I never let her go.

One Moment by Kristina McBride

This was supposed to be the best summer of Maggie’s life. Now it’s the one she’d do anything to forget.

Maggie Reynolds remembers hanging out at the gorge with her closest friends after a blowout party the night before. She remembers climbing the trail hand in hand with her perfect boyfriend, Joey. She remembers that last kiss, soft, lingering, and meant to reassure her. So why can’t she remember what happened in the moment before they were supposed to dive? Why was she left cowering at the top of the cliff, while Joey floated in the water below—dead?

As Maggie’s memories return in snatches, nothing seems to make sense. Why was Joey acting so strangely at the party? Where did he go after taking her home? And if Joey was keeping these secrets, what else was he hiding?

*I received this book via Netgalley*

My Thoughts/Review:

I really, really liked this book. It seemed to me that all the emotions and problems in this book were very real, and I could imagine them happening. I loved the characters of Maggie, Adam, and Joey, but the other characters didn't get as much development as they did. I think Maggie's memory loss was a nice touch, and it definitely added a hint of mystery to the story.

I just couldn't wait to find out how it ended, and I found myself wishing that it was published already so that I could quote it. Because all of the quotes I would have chosen were completely amazing, and really emotional. Maggie herself was a very interesting character, because she was remembering, but trying to keep it to herself, and I found her to be a very believable, amazing character, one that I would definitely hang out with.

Adam was very moody, but wouldn't you be moody if your best friend had just died? I can also imagine every little thing about Joey, because of the authors descriptions and scenes with him in it, even though he was dead. Only a great author can develop a dead character. In my opinion, of course.

One thing that I found slightly annoying, was that I had an idea of how this book was going to end when I started it, even though there was several bumps along the way. Sometimes you just need to read something thats a bit predictable, though. So, all in all, I'd say I loved it.

A thousand Epic quotes were within this novel, but it won't be released until.......
June 26, 2012

June 18, 2012

A Long Way From You by Gwendolyn Heasley

 A Long Way from You  
For too long, Kitsy has had to satisfy her dreams of becoming a real artist by giving her friends makeovers before prom. So when her best friend Corrinne's family offers to sponsor her for a summer art course in New York City, Kitsy bids a temporary good-bye to Texas to say hello to the West Village.

Between navigating the subway and the New Yorkers—namely, the Art Boy who has a nice trick of getting under her skin—Kitsy knows that this summer is going to be about a lot more than figure drawing.

My Thoughts/Review:

Hey guys, you remember my review of Where I Belong? And how it was a three star read, and I ranted endlessly about Corrinne's  big city ways, and how she made small towns sound so awful? Well, this book was the complete opposite. When I got an email a few weeks ago, telling me about this book, and offering a review copy, I was unsure, but of course jumped at the chance. You can't judge an author based on one book, you have to base that opinion on other books written by them, too.

 Where I didn't really particularly care for Corrinne, I freaking loved Kitsy. She was awkward, and funny, and really just a normal girl. I could identify with her, where I found it hard to identify with Corrinne, never having shopped at big stores in NYC, or ever lived in a condo. I just didn't identify. It's like Gossipgirl. I couldn't never get into the book, because the scenarios seemed so wrong to me.

But back to Kitsy. I could identify with going to NYC, and being scared, and awkward. Really, I identify very well with Kitsy. Especially the running away from something part. You can't just live your life running. You've got to face the fear sometime, and the way Kitsy handled it was just great. *Snaps for Kitsy!*

One thing I wish had been better was Kitsy's relationship with Hands. I would've liked there to have been more development, before we just got thrown into the middle.

So....the story. Did I like it? Well, yes, I did. From the moment I started, I knew that I probably would. Kitsy is just so straight-forward, and I can't wait to read more about the Broken Spoker's. All in all, I enjoyed this book, and will be picking up the next by Gwendolyn Heasley.

Favorite Quote:
This is the place of dreams, even if today wasn't perfect. You can't expect to wake up and have your dreams come true instantly. You have to earn them, and if I'm good at anything, it's working hard.

Interview with Kailin Gow, author of Loving Summer

So guys, today I've got an interview with Kailin Gow, the author of Loving Summer, and the Frost series, and probably a lot of books that you've heard of. Anyways, I'm excited. :)As you probably (maybe) remember, I participated in the blog tour for Loving Summer, (this actually still a part of the blog tour) and I reviewed the book. You can read my review here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Miss Kailin.
Now where do I start? How about this?  Once upon a time, there was this little girl who had a dream that one day she would be able to share the stories that she heard forming out of her head, and the visions she would see so clearly of knights and ladies, as well as kingdoms where fairy tales would come alive. So she told these stories to her "audience" - Mr. Care Bear (yikes I had one of these), a Barbie with her hair nearly completely pulled out, and her petite dog name Michelle, a fitting name for a french poodle.  As she grew into a teenager, she eventually learned to write down these stories in a spiral notebook. Hand-written and completely unstructured writing. Stories about school, friendships, pimples, zits, rebellion, poetry, music, clothes, hair, John Hughes, movies, dancing, and boys. Little did she know, these stories would be some of the ones she would go back to in order to refresh her memories of what it was like be 13, 14, or even 17. 

Fast Forward to present day.  This little girl grew to become a woman and a wife and mother with a lot of experiences and stories to tell.  If you haven't guessed, this woman is... my sister.  No, just kidding.  It's me.

When did you decide you wanted to be an author, and why?When I was about 7 years old and was reading S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders.  S.E. Hinton was only 15 when she wrote The Outsiders, and that inspired me to want to become one someday. 
What inspires you to write the most?
I'm driven by the passion for communicating a story. Most of my series begin with either a very strong vision I have in my head of a character itching for their story to be told (as in the Frost Series...it started with a vision of a character so clear in my mind with a strong voice that can't wait to get out) or it stems from a personal experience either through living the experience myself or through someone I know (Saving You Saving Me was inspired by one of my roommate's romantic experience with an older guy who was much more worldly than she was, while I had worked as a peer adviser to young women on women's issues before during college). 

What inspired me to write the most is the sense that I write books not just to provide some kind of entertainment, but hopefully, to either get people to think, be inspired, or to get some kind of positive message from the books so they can use it as a resource to help them when they need or want it.  Believe it or not, the absolute motivation for me to write and do the things that I do, is that I do care about people.  For instance, the Saving You Saving Me Project.  It's a project that is intended to help teens and young adults with issues like bullying, suicide, body image, abuse, and more.  It takes a lot of time and expense putting together a community site for something like Saving You Saving Me.  If it was for promoting the book, there are other ways that are more effective and less time-consuming than putting together a large community long-term project like the Saving You Saving Me Project lol!  It's almost crazy that I'm doing this project on top of writing books and other commitments that I have.  I've been known to be driven by this need to be doing something good... volunteering to build houses in Mexico for instance, which I did one summer, and going to Thailand to help bring toys and medical supplies to orphanages, which I did another summer
I've noticed that many authors have 'book playlists' or 'writing jams'. Do you?
Yes, I have playlists for every book series.  Loving Summer's playlist is here:  http://pl.st/p/23275304459

Do you get writer's block? If you do, what helps you get rid of it?
Yes, um, you know, um, what was I saying?  Oh yeah, I do get blocked sometimes.  It happens, and that's because I had too much going on in my mind and I couldn't concentrate, etc.  So to help me push through that block, I take a break from writing and don't even think about it, and go do something else.  This clears the head and helps the creativity flow.  At other times, I find that when I push myself to write within a certain time period (i.e. a tight deadline), I have no time for a block and no opportunity for a block to happen.  The ideas flow nonstop when I'm under pressure, too.  You have to experiment with your own work style to find what works best for you.  Some people thrive on pressure (like me) while other people need total relaxation to feel the flow.

If you could use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
HAPPY.   Happiness is a choice, and I choose to be happy.  There's a personal story here which I hope to share in a few months, but let's just say I've been given a second chance in life, and I'm happy to be alive.
Do you have a favorite character that you've written, or do you love them all equally?
You totally get me!  I can't choose or that would be like choosing one child over another lol!  I love them all, and I see them all with all their personalities, their past, present, and future.  Even the villains have some redeeming humanistic quality in them. 
What is one way that your similar to your character, Summer?
I grew up in Southern California and I did spend summers with a family consisting of two brothers and a sister. 
What is one way that your different?
I'm not tall or willowy like Summer ha ha. 
If only one of your books ever got published, which one would you want it to be?
Currently my books are published by theEDGEbooks.com, an imprint of Sparklesoup Inc, a mid-size publisher, but if you mean being published by a Big 6 Publisher, I probably might consider it, but it would be something new. 

Do you have a favorite author/book?
C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia.
Favorite color?
I wear black a lot, but in general, my favorite color is red for boldness, life, and female strength.

What's the worst criticism you've ever received as an author?
I've been called the c-word, had racist statements made, and had false accusations made in reviews just because someone didn't like my book or that they were a fan of an author they thought whose books competed against mine.  The truth is, there are plenty of readers out there and there is no need for authors or fans of authors to do this.  When most of our goals is to get more people to read, we shouldn't be bashing authors and their work purely on a personal basis.  So, yes, the worst criticism is from people who seem to take the book and the whole business about reading, too seriously and personally.   I think in those circumstances, a criticism that attacks an author personally, reflects badly on the critic instead of the person they're attacking. 

What's the best compliment that you've received as an author?
That my books helped them with their personal life.

Are there more books in your future?
Definitely!  I can't stop because writing stories is like breathing for me.  It's my passion, and I'm doing this because I absolutely love it.

And last, but not least, what is the one thing that you want all of your readers, (and future readers) to know about you?
That I'd love to hear from them, especially if they love a particular series or character.  I really do listen and it can help me decide on future books or plotlines, too. 

Thank you for having me!
So, guys, do you have any questions for Kailin? Post them here, maybe we can get some answers. I can't believe that somebody would say things that awful about someone, can you? Thank you for coming, Kailin!

June 17, 2012

The International Kissing Club by Ivy Adams

The International Kissing Club
Piper, Cassidy, Mei, and Izzy have been best friends their whole lives. And they've always agreed on one goal: to get out of tiny Paris, Texas, and see the world. The school's foreign exchange program seems like the perfect escape: Piper will go to the original Paris; Mei will go to China; Cassidy will go to Australia; and Izzy, unable to afford the program, will stay at home. To add spice to their semester away, and to stay connected to their best friends, the girls start The International Kissing Club, a Facebook page where they can anonymously update one another and brag about all the amazing guys they're meeting. After all, these girls are traveling abroad: amazing guys abound at every turn! But sometimes fun, flirty vacation flings turn into more serious romances, and sometimes you don't return from abroad the same person you were. Will the girls' relationships-and their friendships-be able to survive?

My Thoughts/Review:

I really liked this book, because I found the characters to be good, and I could identify with them. Small town-No options. But I have to say that my favorite characters were probably Izzy and Cassidy, because they seemed so much more developed than Mei and Piper. Not that Mei and Piper weren't developed, they just didn't really seem as easy to identify with as Izzy and Cassidy.

Izzy was probably the best character, even though she got a bit less play time than the other girls. It was just easier to identify with her! (Probably because she's more like me, but we can't all be awesome. :P) So, I'm moving on now. The story was good, but it seemed to drag sometimes, in the slower moments. In some points, you were just ready to scream,'Get on with the story already! I'm getting bored!'.  But aside from that, it really was a great story.

I find the idea of the IKC taking off so quickly a bit implausible, though. I can't imagine a facebook page like that gaining so many likes on facebook in such a short time. Especially since the page was named 'IKC' instead of 'International Kissing Club'. I think they probably could have gained more likes by naming it differently.

I really loved how all four girls's stories meshed and went completely opposite ways, yet they always kind of stayed together. The ending was great, because it was everything a good contemporary ending should be. So, all in all, this book was cute, sweet, and it kept me entertained and wishing for more.

This book was an arc. Although it is already released, I can't quote from an arc.

June 16, 2012

In My Mailbox #13

In my Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kirsti, over at the Story Siren.
This week I got.....
In the Mail:
 A Long Way from You Kill Me SoftlyThe International Kissing ClubThe Lonely Hearts ClubProm and PrejudiceIncarnate (Newsoul, #1)
A Long Way From You was provided by Harperteen for review. Thanks Katie!
I won Kill Me Softly at Tynga's Reviews. It's signed! To me! *Happy dance*
The rest are from the SAR Challenge (hosted by Icey Books and I Like These Books).
They're all signed! Haha, authors are rockstars. :)
Wait..one last thing! Incarnate is from a giveaway at The Starry-Eyed Revue
At Big Lots:
Eternal (Tantalize, #2)
I may have...made a mistake. Has anyone read this book? Do you think I can read it without reading 'Tantalize'? Cause I think I might could....
Meant to BeLove and Other Perishable Items
Apparently I put in some requests and forgot about them......sigh.
I got bookish swag for Shattered Souls! Signed bookish swag!
The SARC sent me bookish swag! Some signed, some not, but I'm most excited about the bumper sticker! :)
This was a good week. How was yours? Be sure to leave me a link!

June 15, 2012

Infinity(The Chronicles of Nick #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

 Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, #1)
At fourteen, Nick Gautier thinks he knows everything about the world around him. Streetwise, tough and savvy, his quick sarcasm is the stuff of legends. . .until the night when his best friends try to kill him. Saved by a mysterious warrior who has more fighting skills than Chuck Norris, Nick is sucked into the realm of the Dark-Hunters: immortal vampire slayers who risk everything to save humanity.

Nick quickly learns that the human world is only a veil for a much larger and more dangerous one: a world where the captain of the football team is a werewolf and the girl he has a crush on goes out at night to stake the undead.

But before he can even learn the rules of this new world, his fellow students are turning into flesh eating zombies. And he's next on the menu.

My Thoughts/Review:

Haha, I love this book. Nick's character is so sarcastic and funny, that he just lights up a room when he steps in it. I'm sure you've met someone like that, but did you ever stop to think that they might not be human? Because Nick isn't human. And it's not necessarily a bad thing. He's human enough.

Nick is completely one of my favorite characters of all time, besides Cas from 'Anna Dressed in Blood'. I might have a thing for sarcastic, cocky characters. I don't know, but I will find out. Eventually. When I have time to do something other than read, work, and fix my truck. Which I don't have time right now. But I will.

So, what do I think? I think that this novel was thought out a long time in advance, and that it was thought out well. Zombies, demons, and ghosts are all a big part of YA literature right now, but it's nice to see someone with a fresh take on it. You almost never get to read any books that have new ideas. Anna Dressed in Blood was actually the first book I read that broke the mold in YA literature, but I would kill for more writing like that.

This book was imaginative, funny, lighthearted, and most of all, it was 100% original. It made me laugh, but it didn't make me a cry (a good thing). It never let me take a breath, though. It was full of action, and I couldn't breathe, because everytime I did, something bad would happen, or I would lose my place (sucks, right?). But I still enjoyed it. It made my day.

Ambrose kind of shocked me, because I wasn't really expecting it, and it added a kind of sad note to the story. I love Archer though. I need more of him, because he was pretty much awesome. So, all in all, this book was a mix of good characters, plot, and a pinch of the supernatural.

Favorite Quote:
I won't do it.
Yes, you will. In time. You can't change what you are. Fight all you want. In the end, you are what you were born to be and nothing will ever change that.

Loving Summer(Loving Summer #1) by Kailin Gow

Hi guys! Today I'm participating in the blog tour for Loving Summer by Kailin Gow. I've been a fan of Miss Kailin since the Pulse series, (which I really need to finish) so I was super excited when I got on this tour. *Squee!* Wish me luck, guys. :)


Summer has always looked forward to spending her summers at her Aunt's beach house with the Donovans. To her, summers at Aunt Sookie's beach house was magical, especially getting to spend time with the Donovans - her best friend Rachel and Rachel's brothers Nathaniel, and Drew. Here at Aunt Sookie's beach house, they can be anyone and anything they dreamed. For Summer, she had always wished to become as pretty as Rachel and for her brothers to think of her as more than Rachel's friend. For Nat and Drew, summers at Aunt Sookie's beach house meant fun and escape, a place where they go to with their mom and sister for the summer, away from city life. They never thought this summer would be different. They never thought things would change as much as they did...and it all began with them falling for and loving Summer.

My Thoughts/Review:

This book was so sweet. I don't think that Summer really has any idea what she wants, but at least she doesn't want everything, or everybody. Here we have the non-dreaded love triangle. (Love Square? Hmm.) Summer's character was pretty good, because she was just really a sweetheart. She wants everybody to get along, and enjoy each other. She's a happy medium, if you will.

Drew is definitely my favorite love interest. He's sweet, but cocky, and he just isn't afraid to say what he feels. Nat though, he just makes me angry. He wants what he can't have. If he can have it, he loses interest immediately. That just kills me. Astor was alright, but just a bit too.....flawless. You can't be with someone who's perfect. That would be scary. Insanely Scary. Let's not go there, shall we?

I have one little thing about this book that miffed me: the beginning seemed a little rushed. It took me two chapters before it started to slow down, and then I was like, 'Yes! The real story starts!' So, that being said, I really enjoyed the little changes throughout the story. Especially Drew's Point of View. He knew exactly what he wanted, and he knew that he was going to have to change to get it. But it didn't stop him.

Yep, I fell in love with Drew. Can't you tell? He's just such a sweetheart, even though he was kind of a player in the beginning. He got over that pretty quickly once he met/re-met Summer. Ten points for him. Back to Summer. She was very interesting, because she dates one guy, wants another, and is friends with the other. But she's willing to try and love the one that she's dating. I wonder. And she doesn't seem to be very vain, or anything like that.

To be honest, I don't think that she knows why all those boys seem to want her. She's clueless. And naive. But for her, it really seems to work. She's not stupid, she's just .....innocent. And she's so sweet, that it completely makes the book sweet. Good thing or not? I can't decide but lets go with the first one. ^.^

So, all in all, it was a light summer read that I enjoyed a lot.

Favorite Quote:
He leans forward, wiping that tear from before, and I realize how lucky I am right then. Drew isn't the little boy he was, but he's there for me. Nat will be too, even if it isn't the way I want, and Rachel is the closest friend I've ever had. Maybe that will be enough to deal with the fact that the guy I've cared about all these years wants someone else. Maybe.

*Author Bio*

Kailin Gow is the multi-award-winning and bestselling author of over 100 distinct books which includes the Desire Series, PULSE, Wicked Woods, and the Frost Series. She has been professionally published since 2001. She was one of the first authors for young readers to write books for girls with supernatural elements. Her first book series about extraordinary girls guided by an angel in 2001, was a success, selling thousands of print copies in days, and inspiring girl book clubs around the U.S. In 2003, she came out with more series, including The Fairy Rose Chronicles, about fairies in Feyland. Her books have been recommended by PBS Kids, US Mental Health Association, the PTA, and homeschooling associations in the United States.

June 13, 2012

Dreamless(Starcrossed #2) by Josephine Angelini

Dreamless (Starcrossed, #2)
Can true love be forgotten?

As the only Scion who can descend into the Underworld, Helen Hamilton has been given a nearly impossible task. By night she wanders through Hades, trying to stop the endless cycle of revenge that has cursed her family. By day she struggles to overcome the fatigue that is rapidly eroding her sanity. Without Lucas by her side, Helen is not sure she has the strength to go on.

Just as Helen is pushed to her breaking point, a mysterious new Scion comes to her rescue. Funny and brave, Orion shields her from the dangers of the Underworld. But time is running out—a ruthless foe plots against them, and the Furies’ cry for blood is growing louder.

As the ancient Greek world collides with the mortal one, Helen’s sheltered life on Nantucket descends into chaos. But the hardest task of all will be forgetting Lucas Delos.

My Thoughts/Review:

What am I feeling right now? Amazement. This book was so much better than the first. Maybe I like drama. I don't know, but for some reason, I liked this book a ton more than the first. I liked the first, but the second, wow.

May I just say, I love the character of Orion. I was going to put this book off for a little bit longer, but I read the back flap, and I'm a sucker for love triangles, so I had to read it then. Shocking, right? That I'm a sucker for love triangles. Can't blame me though, all the best YA books have a slight variation on the original triangle.

Orion, though, back to him. He was strong. He was brave. He was sweet. And, kind of cocky at the same time. I....(dare I say it?) swoon for him. He is an amazing love interest. Much better than Lucas. Yet when I read from Lucas's point of view, I think I might like him too. So, I'm just as torn as Helen is. How did that happen? I feel so....dirty. You can't love two guys at once, that's just wrong. You can love one like a brother. That seems less....gross.

Helen kind of annoys me. She may be impervious to all physical threats, but she still needs to know how to protect herself! Sorry, I'm kind of a die hard 'Girls need to know how to protect themselves' kind of gal. We have guns. I can shoot. I'm a hick.

So, when Helen starts to train, she still can't protect herself! What's up with that? She has no power in the underworld, so she should learn to physically protect herself. She is the descender. That's life. I feel bad about the protection thing, because I actually really like Helen as a character.

I never saw the ending coming. I wondered, but didn't succeed in figuring it out before the end, so I was happy. It was plotted. I love plot. The characters make the book, but plot cuts a close second. It was perfect though. The perfect amount of fulfillment, suspense, and the need for more Starcrossed.

Favorite Quote:
He spoke with such conviction, such passion, that Helen could only stare at him with her mouth hanging open. Her mind went absolutely blank for a few heartbeats, and then a small voice in her head started yelling at her, enumerating all the places where she came up short as a person.

June 12, 2012

The Son of Rage and Love by Thomas Raymond

The Son of Rage and Love12 Year-old Daniel used to run, jump, and climb on everything in sight. He played, laughed, made all kinds of noise, took things apart, and built new stuff from the pieces. Unfortunately for him, such acts of nonconformity can make inconvenient ripples on the smooth surface of wealthy suburban bliss. Years ago, Daniel was judged to have ADHD, and soon, "Pills fixed all that. They quiet most of my imagination, and the video swallows up whatever’s left."

Nowadays, Daniel just wants a little adventure, a bit of unscripted life to clear up the fog of his mundane existence. Every aspect of his life is under strict control of a narcissistic Grandmother, and the minions she hires to run the house. Disillusioned with the "remoras" who worship his mother's money and fame, and certain his older sister is becoming one of them, Daniel has all but given up hope. "I've learned not to fuss . . . A fuss is a big mistake. . . . At least I am smart enough to just take the pill and wait for the fog to roll in." But years of heavy medication coupled with long escapes into video games have turned his world to grey, blurring his perception of reality versus fantasy.

When Daniel's mother adopts a 13 year-old, free-spirited orphan, the two boys become immediate friends and allies. The absolute authority of Grandmother is finally challenged. The ensuing struggle at once gives Daniel hope, but also threatens his sanity.

My Thoughts/Review:

I really liked this book. It had great characters, and the writing was amazing. Daniel's character was great, because he was innocent, yet he knew everything was going wrong, and he really doesn't have ADD, but was just diagnosed with it when he was a little kid. I mean, all little kids are hyper. They love to jump around, and play, and any other thing that might possibly get on your nerves. It is their way of life.

Back to Daniel. I really liked the way that Daniel described the fog, and the little pink pills. It made me think that he wasn't always in the fog, and that he might want a way out. A way to just be a kid, without all the little pink pills, and therapists. I think Jean-Maurice added an interesting element to this story, because I've never read a book about a celebrity's kid that had an adopted brother from Haiti.

Also, Daniel's grandmother is holding all the puppet strings. She's pulling them to make people do what she wants, and they have to do it or else they'll be reprogrammed. *Ominous laugh*

I have a serious case of writer's block today, guys. Sorry.

This book was sad, happy, and also really, really...different. No one else has really explored this in the YA realm. It makes this book unique, that's for sure, but it also makes it something that you might need a bit of a nudge to read. A nudge like this: I would recommend it to fans of Adios, Nirvana.

So, all in all, this book was very, very good, with a side of awesomesauce. :P

*This book was provided by the author for review.*
Favorite Quote:
When the haze finally thins out enough to see for a moment, the world doesn't look like I remember. I reckon I've spent so much time staring into the video, the bright, electronic parade flashing in my eyes, that the real world doesn't look right anymore.

June 11, 2012

The Hunger Games(The Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

Could you survive on your own, in the wild, with everyone out to make sure you don't live to see the morning?

In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV.

Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives alone with her mother and younger sister, regards it as a death sentence when she steps forward to take her sister’s place in the Games. But Katniss has been close to dead before—and survival, for her, is second nature. Without really meaning to, she becomes a contender. But if she is to win, she will have to start making choices that will weigh survival against humanity and life against love.

My Thoughts/Review:

This book is brutal. It's sad. But most of all, it's vivid. You see every little thing through Katniss's eyes, because every little thing is a bigger piece of her story. This book is violent, and gory, and maybe, to some people, downright scary. But through all that, it is sweet and bittersweet. They kind of come hand in hand.

Katniss is an amazing character. She's strong, but not extremely full of herself, she's smart, but not too smart, and most of all, she is real. Character development is usually something I struggle with, because if the character isn't developed enough, I'm usually on here writing up a rant on it. I will never, ever like a book with awful characters. I weed them out.

What do I have to say about Peeta? Well, I love the boy with the bread. He's strong, and actually a bit stubborn, but not overly, like some characters tend to be. He is just this: the boy with the bread. No pretenses, no scams, he just really and wholeheartedly is a good guy. He wants to protect Katniss, and everyone else. He doesn't like death, he doesn't want death, but to save someone else, he would die.

I don't really know how Collins managed to write these characters so well developed, but if she could bottle it and sell it, she would be a rich woman. Very rich.

Seriously though, how did she manage to make Peeta so well developed, without making him the main character? Because I think Peeta is very well developed, and will definitely forever be one of my favorite characters. *Sigh*

What was the best part? The plot. It had twists and turns, but it didn't ever confuse me with where it was going. It didn't jump senselessly from one point to the next, and never, ever made me want to just not read the book. I've read this book before, but I needed to review it, so I bought it. The first time around: Meh. The second time? Well, you're reading this, aren't you?

So, all in all, The Hunger Games was filled with kick butt characters, vivid imagination, and best of all, plot.

Favorite Quote:
Then I remember Peeta's words on the roof. "Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to....to show the Capitol they don't own me. That I'm more than just a piece in their games." And for the first time, I understand what he means.

Memorable Monday #4

Hey guys, I stumbled across this meme on Escape in a Book.
So, my book for this week is.....
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
“You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.”
“I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.”
“I don't want to lose the boy with the bread.”
“It crosses my mind that Cinna's calm and normal demeanor masks a complete madman.”
“Yes, and I’m sure the arena will be full of bags of flour for me to chuck at people.”
“Kind people have a way of working their way inside me and rooting there.”
“Here's some advice. Stay alive.”
“Only I keep wishing I could think of a way...to show the capitol they don't own me. That I'm more than a piece in their games.”
And, we ask, what do you think? Good quotes? Bad Quotes? I'm getting the feeling that none of my followers actually read these.......lol.

Redheads are Soulless Promo!

Hi guys! Today I'm participating in the Redheads are Soulless blog tour. But Guess what? I want to read this book. :P

So, the first thing we're gonna do? We're going to put up the Cover, blurb, and author info, and you can decide where you want to go from there. :)

It's interesting, right?

High school senior, Sofia Black, has had a very hard life. Since her father's death 7 years ago, she has had to look after her drug addicted, alcoholic mother. School isn't any better for her either. The other kids constantly tease, and ridicule her. All she wants is to get out of her small hometown in Alabama.

When new student, Jason, shows up, Sofia's world is turned upside down. She doesn't understand why he wants to befriend her so badly... And, just when she thinks she can trust him, trouble appears.

Jason's twin brother, Robbie, moves into town, and things go haywire. Sofia is now running for her life - and Jason is forced to share hidden secrets with her. She learns the truth about her father's death, and finds out that she may not be as "human" as she once thought. She struggles to accept her fate, while fighting for her life.

*Author Bio*
Heather M. WhiteHi! I'm Heather M. White, a YA Paranormal author. I'm 22 years old and I recently got married. I just moved from Saint Louis, Missouri, to a very small town in Arkansas. My passion is: Writing. I also like to read, and play guitar. And I love DR. Pepper!
You can follow/friend her:

Wanna Buy the Book?

June 9, 2012

In My Mailbox #12

In my Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kirsti, over at the Story Siren.

Here are the Books I got this week!

In the Mail:
Darwin's Children (Darwin's Children, #1)Unnatural Law (Darwin's Children, #2) The Son of Rage and Love

The Darwin's Children Books were provided by the author for review.
The Son of Rage and Love was provided by the author for review.

Kindle Books (Even though I don't have a kindle):

 Loving Summer

I scared the crap out of myself when I got this book, because I don't have a kindle, so I basically had a mini panic attack. It was provided by the author for review. So, I finished it already, and I liked it. Blog tour date is on the 15th, this month! :)

June 8, 2012

Kiss of Death(Scarlett Wakefield #4) by Lauren Henderson

Kiss of Death (Scarlett Wakefield, #4)

 Scarlett thought Dan McAndrew's murder was long behind her, but when she and her classmates arrive in Edinburgh for a weeklong field trip, she's startled to be joined by her old St. Tabby's cohorts--and enemies--who are visiting the area on a field trip as well. Even more startling, Callum, Dan's surviving twin, is in the area--and his cold treatment leaves Scarlett wondering what's changed, especially when a series of attacks makes her believe that someone's out to get her for her past mistakes. Would Callum ever hurt her, though? And what's Scarlett to make of her conflicting feelings for Callum, now that Jase isn't around? Even more upsetting, why is her most trusted confidante, Taylor, acting distant and dismissive?

My Thoughts/Review:

If it's possible, I really loved this last book in the series the most. It resignated with me better than the other three, possibly because it was finally ending. This series went on forever. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but did it really need four books?

Scarlett, strangely, remains the same. Shocking right? (Sarcasm intended.) In a series, you run into characters that never change. They are forever as they were before, and that makes it hard to talk about character growth, my favorite subject. Did Scarlett grow throughout the books? Why yes, I suppose she did. But it was spread out through all the books, so we can't be sure.

In a way, I was kind of dissapointed in this book, because Jase wasn't around as much, if you remember, he ran off in the last book, so he doesn't enter this book until 2/3's of the through. He is invisible man, and I was honestly kind of hoping for Callum, brother of the dead boy, Dan. Has poetic beauty, don't you think? Plus, I was trying to figure out who Scarlett was going to end up with throughout the entire book, so when it finally told me, I had to think at whether I was dissapointed or not.

The final verdict? No, I was not dissapointed. I was actually rather proud of Scarlett's choice, even though there was other people throughout the book that I thought she might end up with. No love triangles, but close. So, all in all, it was an entertaining read that shocked me with it's ending. Should you read it? I don't know, you choose. ^.^

Favorite Quote:
Wakefield hall is behind us for now; we're spinning away from it, wherever we want to go. Nowhere. Anywhere. Escaping: putting everything behind us. And we won't go back until we're more than ready.

June 6, 2012

The Ghost and The Goth(The Ghost and The Goth #1) by Stacey Kade

The Ghost and the Goth (The Ghost and the Goth, #1)

I’m the girl you hated in high school. Is it my fault I was born with it all-good looks, silky blond hair, a hot bod, and a keen sense of what everyone else should not be wearing? But my life isn’t perfect, especially since I died. Run over by a bus of band geeks—is there anything more humiliating? As it turns out, yes—watching your boyfriend and friends move on with life, only days after your funeral. And you wouldn’t believe what they’re saying about me now that they think I can’t hear them. To top it off, I’m starting to disappear, flickering in and out of existence. I don’t know where I go when I’m gone, but it’s not good. Where is that freaking white light already?

I can see, hear, and touch the dead. Unfortunately, they can also see, hear and touch me. Yeah, because surviving high school isn’t hard enough already. I’ve done my best to hide my “gift.” After all, my dad, who shared my ability, killed himself because of it when I was fifteen. But lately, pretending to be normal has gotten a lot harder. A new ghost—an anonymous, seething cloud of negative energy with the capacity to throw me around—is pursuing me with a vengeance. My mom, who knows nothing about what I can do, is worrying about the increase in odd incidents, my shrink is tossing around terms like “temporary confinement for psychiatric evaluation,” and my principal, who thinks I’m a disruption and a faker, is searching for every way possible to get rid of me. How many weeks until graduation?

My Thoughts/Review:

I can't tell you how many times I've read this book, but this will be the first time that I get to review it. So, I really like the characters of Alona and Will, because the way that they interact is just too funny and cute, and the way that they seem to like each other and also hate each other.

Alona herself in the beginning is actually really annoying and snotty, but she grows throughout the book into a very likeable character. Will is a really, really great character. He's so sarcastic, and also very protective. He completely blows this book out of the water, in his own way. I really loved the whole 'ghost whisperer' thing, and I hope the rest of the books in this series are as good as this one.

I also really liked that it was told in the alternating points of view of Will and Alona. And I must confess, I liked Will's point of view a lot better. He was funny, sarcastic, and completely and amazingly entertaining.

The story was cute, and you definitely were noticing as you read that both of the characters crushing on each other, and neither of them wanted the other to know. So, obvious crushing, a little bit of predictable storyline, and a dash of snotty queen-bee/total loser boy dynamics, and you'll get The Ghost and The Goth. So, all in all, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't insanely amazing or anything. Think of it this way: It took me forever to find a good quote.

Favorite Quote:
"Forget it. You were right. There's a time limit for everyone, and mine is just about up." Oddly enough, the thought brought relief. I was tired of fighting this.....whatever this was. I just wanted to be done.

What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor

Getting drunk homecoming night your senior year is never a good idea, but Jake Hayes never expected it all to end with a car crash and a t-post embedded in his throat. 

His biggest regret about it all? What he never said to Samantha Shay. He's been in love with her for years and never had the guts to tell her. Now it's too late. Because after that night, Jake will never be able to talk again.

When Jake returns to his small island home, population 5,000, he'll have to learn how to deal with being mute. He also finds that his family isn't limited to his six brothers and sisters, that sometimes an entire island is watching out for you. And when he gets the chance to spend more time with Samantha, she'll help him learn that not being able to talk isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Maybe, if she'll let him, Jake will finally tell her what he didn't say before, even if he can't actually say it.

My Thoughts/Review:

I liked this book, but it seemed like the author was trying to communicate with an extreme amount of emotion, and it just wasn't working for her. It was emotional, but not in a heart-wrenching way. I think the author may have meant it to be heart-wrenching. It was cute, and a sweet romance, but there just wasn't enough emotion to really make it all work the way it could have.

I enjoyed the character of Jake, and I sympathize with his muteness, but he seemed really up and down all the time. Sometimes he's a great guy, sometimes he's a bit of an ass. It's confusing. His character's personality changed just a bit too often for my tastes. Sam was interesting, but I really want to know what the chances are that a mute guy and a riding-under-the-system girl were going to find each other and fall in love.

It seems a bit unbelievable, yes? I thought so too. It was a cute book, and really sweet, but it was really only average for me. I feel bad about this review, because I enjoyed it while I was reading it, but it seems that when it all ended, all the problems with the book were right on the surface. So, all in all, I enjoyed it, but it's not really my thing.

*I received this book via NetGalley*
Favorite Quote:
I had a decision to make in that moment. I could let this accident, this insane thing that had happened to me, ruin my life. It wouldn't be hard to let it consume me. It would be really easy to get mad at life and to just give up.