March 22, 2013

The Tales of Anyil the Traveler by Paul Vincent Rodriguez

The Tale of Aynil the Traveler
Title: The Tales of Anyil the Traveler
Author: Paul Vincent Rodriguez
Series: Tales of Fairies, #1
Source: Author for review
Publisher: Renaissance Peak
Publication Date: April 24, 2011
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The first in the Tales of Fairies series. Aynil (pronounced eye-nil) is the rarest of all fairies a Traveler. Because fairies rarely travel outside a small radius around their homes, it is the job of the traveler to go where the spirit pulls him and live as long as is necessary to find the special messages he was sent to learn.

Aynil's life is one of constantly adapting to new environments, of learning new cultures, and of frustration; frustration that comes from wondering if he will ever go home. The story he shared spans fifteen human years of his life and includes the three most important experiences he had while on the wing.
I found The Tales of Anyil the Traveler to be a quick and charming MG novel. It was filled with magic and action and adventure, and it also had a healthy dose of morals. (And the moral of the story is? Lots.) I slipped into this story with the ease of a much younger person-- one who's of the age for MG's.

The introduction was absolutely fabulous. It immediately sets the feel for the story, and it adds a lot of wonder to the reading. Authors should believe what they write, you know? It makes the entire experience better, I think. Anyil himself wasn't a OMAHGERD AWESOME character, but I enjoyed his narration, along with all of his adventures as a traveler.

For such a short book, this really covers a long time period. Think years. Crazy, right? Also, it has an ever-changing cast of characters! As many times as new characters came and old characters went, I never felt confused at all. I had a good grasp at all times, which is new for me. YAY for new experiences!!

The dialog is simple and easy to follow, which I think is important-- but there were a few punctuation errors. Nothing big, but I just felt I'd mention it.

All in all, I enjoyed Anyil, and MG is definitely a genre that I'll be looking more into soon.
But I did know one thing;
Wherever I went, there I would be. ~ Pg. 48

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